Private Admissions Counseling


College Pursuit understands the stress and work involved during this time in a family’s life. Due to all the daily demands, it can be difficult to devote the time necessary to successfully manage the College Selection Admission (CSA) process. It is also very common to have students resist their parent’s advice and planning efforts. Third party involvement is a great way for parents to oversee the process but not be the primary taskmaster or focal point of their child’s opposition. By using College Pursuit counselors, students and parents are given a personalized action plan which provides the direction and information necessary to have confidence throughout the CSA process.

The College Pursuit network is comprised of highly experienced professionals currently working in the field of college admissions and/or high school guidance. On average each counselor has over 20 years of experience and a tremendous knowledge regarding the CSA process.

Our network of counselors consists of professionals with expertise in areas such as:

  • Various majors and areas of study
  • Specific admission plans
  • Varied types of colleges (e.g., liberal arts, large universities, Ivy League)
  • Specific geographic regions
  • Student-Athletes
  • Students with learning differences

College Pursuit believes that making a good match between counselor and family is essential. Therefore, it is important to understand the personalities, expectations and concerns within the family and assign a counselor based on this information. Each counselor understands the importance of creating a relationship with the student. With an established rapport, the partnership between counselor and student is even more powerful and effective.

The Smart List Package provides the student and family with the help and resources needed to accomplish a “Smart List”. College Pursuit defines a “Smart List” as a well-balanced list of colleges that reflects your goals, personality and values. A “Smart List” will yield excellent options for you to consider when making your college selection. It is your final list…your apply list. When creating your Smart List it is important to conduct purposeful self-reflection and research. It is important to have professional guidance helping you better understand the thousands of colleges and how you “measure up” in this competitive environment. Your College Pursuit Counselor(s) will assist you with each and every necessary step in achieving your “Smart List”. Here are the specific tasks that define the “Smart List” Package:

  • Initial Evaluation…gathers all of the relevant information.
  • Process Overview…defines the timeline and action plan.
  • Self-Reflection…determines what is important when starting your search.
  • Transcript Review…considers coursework, grades and activities when creating “Smart List”.
  • Characteristics/Ranking…prioritizes college characteristics to drive search.
  • College Research… reviews Internet sites, reference guides and websites.
  • Create Preliminary List…creates preliminary list based on initial research.
  • Campus Visits…prepares you to attend college visits/tours and verify research.

**Main Deliverable: “Smart List”**

The “Admission” Package provides the student and family with the assistance and organization to complete all of the requirements necessary to create the highest quality of applications. The application process is detail-oriented and can be both overwhelming and confusing. College Pursuit implements a system to minimize the stress and remove the guesswork when completing your applications. Our network of counselors makes certain that your applications are compliant with the college’s guidelines, requirements and deadlines. College Pursuit’s support and guidance during the application process keeps parents from assuming the role of task master… a role most parents would like to avoid. Here are the specific tasks that define the “Admission” Package:

  • Initial Evaluation…gathers all of the relevant information.
  • Process Overview…defines the timeline and action plan.
  • Review/Confirm Smart List…counselor will determine if the list is “Smart”.
  • Application Action Plan…sets deadlines and assignments to be compliant with all of the college application requirements.
  • Brag Sheet/ Resume…provides the guidance as well as reviews.
  • Essay Planning/Review…conducts a planning session and multiple reviews.
  • Application Review…reviews ensure each application is of the highest quality.
  • Interview Skill Training…prepares student for interviews and additional opportunities to make a great impression.

**Main Deliverable: “Completed Applications”**

The “Elite Package” supports the student and family in each of the areas and tasks included in the “Smart List and Admission” packages. The “Elite Package” is excellent for college-bound families that want support throughout both of the major phases of the College Selection and Admission (CSA) process. The “Elite” Package also helps students make curriculum decisions, as well as create a plan for standardized testing and summer/extracurricular activities. Here are the specific tasks that define the “Elite Package:

  • All tasks in the “SMART LIST” package
  • All tasks in “ADMISSION” package
  • Standardized Testing Plan…determines strategy and testing calendar.
  • Curriculum review…considers course options and advises on course selections.
  • Review of activities…reviews options both in and outside of school. (Summer, community service and employment)
  • Determining where to attend…discuss options and identify pros and cons.
  • Family Meeting…discusses family issues as you plan for the future.
  • Continued guidance and support for the entire CSA process.

**Main Deliverables: Finalized “Smart List” and Completed Applications**

The “Early Planning” Package provides the student and family with an extremely comprehensive service covering all of the areas of the “Smart List, Admission and Elite” packages. In addition to this support the “Early Planning” Package provides a significant research function. College Pursuit counselors will compile and help sort through research regarding summer programs, community service projects, college level course work and curriculum planning. In addition, this package provides students with a taped mock interview skill training session as well as a “Planning for the Future” family meeting. Here are the specific tasks that define the “Early Planning” Package:

  • All tasks in “SMART LIST” package
  • All tasks in “ADMISSION” package
  • All tasks in “ELITE” package
  • Curriculum Research and Review…research the high school offerings, as well as identify any trends and considerations of the colleges on their “Smart List”.
  • Research and Review of Activities…compile the research necessary to identify appropriate and fulfilling activities throughout your high school career.
  • Taped Mocked Interview…provides meaningful insight and helps prepare students for all types of interviews.

**Main Deliverables: Research of Extracurricular Programs/Activities, Finalized “Smart List” and Completed Applications**

College Pursuit provides the option of a “Customize” Package for families who want to assemble specific tasks in addressing their specific CSA needs. A College Pursuit counselor will meet with the family to identify their specific objectives. After this assessment is complete, College Pursuit will submit a proposal estimating the time and resources needed to assist the student and family. To learn more about College Pursuit and our services, call us at (215) 542-7512. You can also contact us via email at